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What We Love Right Now...



Asparagus Bottoms & Bread Soup

Make this recipe with all your odds and ends, literally.  

Grilled Romaine Hearts

Take our romaine hearts to a whole new level by grilling them and adding some toasty bread, sesame seeds, soft boiled eggs and a killer dressing.

Squash & Eggplant Tart

A clean and simple recipe using our zucchini, squash and eggplant.  Easy to make, but with a beautiful presentation.

Radish & Spring Greens Salad

This food blogger is one of our favorites.  She is heavy on the veggies and heavy on the exotic ingredients, taking every day veggies to a whole different level.

Recipes && Fun

Our customers are restaurants, hotels, schools, top chefs.  We sell food. How can we not have fun?

This page is dedicated to our speciality products, fun travel finds, and some tasty recipes made from our products.  We would love to hear your feedback and see what you're making with Frontier's produce.

destined to be Oklahoma's #1 produce supplier

Finding local farms to source year round.

Zucchini, Chocolate, and Blueberry Cupcakes?

Believe us they are good.  We love incorporating  produce that is normally thought of as savory items with sweet treats. The specks of green really pop in this white cake batter.

Frontier Produce Wholesale Products

Savory Breakfast Oatmeal

Step up your breakfast game and enjoy a hearty, warming porridge that will stick with you all morning long.  Add sauteed spinach or kale to this dish to amp up the vitamins.

Candied Strawberries

Sometimes you just gotta let the fruit speak for itself.  This is such an eloquent, simple recipe, but the presentation and flavor are powerful.  This is actually a popular snack in many Asian countries, usually with a small crab apple at the bottom for some sweet and sour.