Disaster Relief

Tornadoes, earthquakes, fire.  What doesn't Oklahoma have? When something terrible does happen, Frontier is here to aid however we can.  Call us to talk about food donations and volunteer work.

Charitable Causes

We always love to help with local charities and fundraisers, especially if they are food-related!  Email us to tell us about your charity and how we can partner with you to create a better Oklahoma.

Our Oklahoma...


Local Farming

We want to support our local farms, source fresh, healthy ingredients, and fill Oklahoma restaurant-goers' plates with fabulous local produce. If you are a farmer in Oklahoma and want to become a vendor, email taryn@frontierproduceinc.com. Frontier is looking for farmers with good business sense and a desire to take their farms to the next level.  We will work with your food safety and harvesting techniques to offer consistent, safe products to our customers.  We offer third-party audit and GAP certification guidance.

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